Sunday, August 24, 2014


Abu Dhabi
I've said it before...and I'll say it again.  This is really a whirlwind! So much is happening and I have so much to get done it's a little mind boogling!  I'm so surprised I haven't even had time to do the touristy stuff!  I've been so busy trying to get my apartment straight, going to ADEC meetings, making sure my kid has something to do....I feel like everyday has been chock full and I am totally ready for bed at the end of it!  I have been to the gym a few times, I'm trying to do sun salutations in the morning, I've been swimming once. So basically, not nearly enough exercise!  I can't even really tell you what I have been busy with! Just the end of another day passes and I still have a huge to do list!

I have worked abroad before, and there is definitely a patience that comes with working in another country. Not knowing anything except, I'll be working somewhere in the UAE.  And that un-knowing-ness just continues once you are in the country.  Maybe it is less patience and more faith!  Because it has taken almost a year of waiting in the USA and 10 days of waiting here in UAE, but I finally know everything!  I know what city I will be living in, I have my apartment, I know what grade I will be teaching, and I know where the nearest grocery store is!  It's amazing how you take the little things for granted, and then when all that is pulled out from under you, what you have left  How you handle yourself in different situations.  Do you re-act? Or are you pro active? Do you fall apart at the first misstep? Or do you keep it stepping? Can you make lemonade out of lemons basically.  Or are you a honey or vinegar type! I highly recommend to everyone that you live abroad.  At least once.  It's not even about seeing the world, but getting to know yourself.  It's awesome!

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