Thursday, August 14, 2014

1/2 Way There!

So, first leg of the journey underway!  Managed to check in at the airport ok. With the following: 2 of what could only be classified as huge bags; 1 totally large duffle; 2 medium to large bags; 1 to die for cute Issac Mizrahi carry on; 1 business sensible carry on; 1 tote bag; 1 messenger bag; 1 purse; & 1 camera bag!  Yes people, I'm moving to the other side if the world! And it's not like all the bags were mine, the kid had 1! I knew a couple of bags had to be overweight because my arms were nearly pulled out if the sockets getting them into the car, so I planned to weigh them outside the airport and repack as needed. After staying up til 3am and waking up at 6:45, all I could do was throw stuff in the bag and say "whatever"!  

And I don't even know how we made it to the airport! My mom has a strange pack rat obsession with the trunk. I emptied as much as I could but there was still a ton of random stuff inside. And when I say random, I mean, random! She had a broken nylon laundry basket, about 10 buffing towels ( really, who needs to shine their car that much!), an empty bottle of window washer fluid, ( "I'm planning to refill that, Ayanna!" ), and a bunch of Trader Joes and brown paper bags, just to name a few random things. I somehow managed to fit 1 huge suitcase, the duffle bag (totally squashed, of course), and the to die for cute carry on in there. One bag I put in the rear window space. The other bags I piled into the back seat with the kid. She was so smushed her knees were lodged in her chest for the drive because she had to put her feet on a suitcase! 

Anyway, we made it to the airport in one piece. Turns out, 3 bags were over weight!  So me, my mom, and the kid were huddled in the middle of the sidewalk re-packing bags!  All three of our bums up in the air for all of Terminal 2 to see!  We got it down to just 1 overweight bag. Had to wait in a huge line to check in, but then they pulled us out cus our flight was leaving in 1 hour, yikes!  Had to pay $135 for the extra bag and $100 for the overweight bag, which was better then what they told us on the phone so I was happy. I was also happy cus my mom whipped out the credit card to pay for it! Thanks mom! 

Now I'm riding high in a packed to the gills tin can in the sky!

Can't wait for my 5 hour layover in Chi town! 

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