Sunday, August 24, 2014

This is my Life!!

Hello all!  So much has happened in so little a time it's a bit overwhelming! But nice.  So the hotel is amazing! Free buffet breakfast daily, a million staff in the lobby asking "Ma'am how can I help?"  Everyone on staff is so friendly.  I have also made an effort to learn the names of the regular faces I see and they really appreciate that.  My room received "extra" cleaning services (I guess it really needed it!) and I've received things such as copies for free rather than paying.  So my advice is to get to know people!  There are a lot of interesting selections at breakfast too.  From roasted mushrooms, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, beef patties, assorted cold cuts, omelettes,  hash browns, home fries, hummus, salad, cheese, cereal, fruit, fruit salad, and bread, bread, bread!

Yes, there's bacon!

Our dining room, the Chamas restaurant.

Lot's of yummy egg and potatoes treats under those cloches!

Assorted croissants and muffins!

I'm trying to eat better now that I have a new life.  Lol.  So I am starting with the good stuff, and then the next plate is the fun stuff!

1st plate

2nd plate!
I've also been to the gym a few times and the pool.  Which I have not used nearly as much as I thought I would! No time!  There are 2 pools here, one on another floor of the hotel and one down by the beach.  I met some friends at the pool by the beach the other day and Oh. My. God. Nearly died! I don't know why they wanted to meet at the hottest part of the day, and then, that trek to the beach!  There was no shade during the entire walk, which, shade in over 100 degree weather is relative anyway!  And we were walking on this wooden walkway that rebounded the heat from the ground to our legs! By the time I was halfway to the beach I was sweating like a mongoose! And I still couldn't even see the pool!  I finally had to ask the some stray staff if I was even close, and they said yes, ma'am, go through fish market and keep going straight, you will see.  They really wanted to laugh at my state of disarray but were far too well trained for unrestrained laughter, I could tell.  Finally found the beach to the left, pool to the right, and Anika and Tracy straight ahead.  I barely said hello before I striped off my beach wrap and dove (or, really walked but dove sounds better) into the pool!  It was only mildly satisfying because the water was hot!!  Oh well, I better get adjusted! Warm pools and hot pavement, and to die for buffets!

Ciao for now!

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