Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hanging by a thread

All I have to say is...check the date.  And, where am I sitting?! Still. On. My mom's. Sofa!!!! Yes folks, it is the middle of February and I am still NOT in Abu Dhabi!  I could bore you guys with all the frustration, sadness, anxiety, and constipation I have felt since this ordeal began.... but I won't.  Needless to say, yes, I really DO have a job, and the powers that be (ie: my associates on FB) keep saying we are really going, "any day now!"  I can't figure the hold up.  My friend already there says get used to it.  This is how UAE works.  To put it in perspective, the country is only 43 years old so they don't have the entrenched in red tape infrastructure that other countries have.  And they have been doing this (having English speaking teachers come into their schools) since only 2010, so.  But still, I am literally, swinging at the very end of a thread!
I have to give a shout out to my FB group, without which I would have completely lost my sanity at this point.  They have kept me grounded, hopeful, and let me rant and rave when needed!  Thanks guys!  Here's to leaving next weekend!  Fingers, and toes, crossed!