Friday, August 29, 2014

I Got An Apartment, Uh Huh, My Own Apartment, yay!

Yes! An apartment of my very own! No more sharing a teeny 2 bedroom apartment with my mom! I'm out baby!  Whoo-hoo!

Come on in, visitors welcome!

Living room floor to ceiling windows!

See my chair!
 So, a little bit of drama with the apartment (because someone that had just gotten fired still lived there with an apartment full of yucky furniture!), there always is isn't there? Sigh.... but in the end, it is mine, all mine!  Now, I've had 8 months to think of my colors which is a blessing and a curse!  You know how it is when you know what you want and then you try to go shopping for it? You can never find the exact item that's in your head! Unfortunately.  But, I am determined to find exactly what I want and, hey, I'm probably not going to be able to finish decorating until like December anyway, so I have time!  So my color scheme is... the ocean! Yes, I want my apartment to be beige like the sand and many shades of blue like the ocean. I saw a restaurant with that color scheme on Kitchen Nightmares and I loved it! (What? You don't watch Kitchen Nightmares??)

Hallway, I really like it. It breaks up the rooms nicely.

1/2 bath for the kid
But now that I'm actually in my apartment, I'm thinking I want a red wall in the living room.  You know, like a blood red accent wall!  And then I want blue chairs and a dark grey sofa with red and blue accent pillows! I still want the bedrooms to look like the ocean, though, but the kid might want to do her own color scheme.  I'm going to get the hallway wall and my bedroom wall painted different shades of blue.  Just the bottom half of the walls.  I think it will look amazing!  I just have to pick the right shades of blue to go with everything else!

Kitchen fully equipped!  Oh yes, I bought a tv too!

Electric stove, yikes!
Anyway, I am completely excited! And I managed to even get internet yesterday so I'm way more excited!  It doesn't matter that the internet company was supposed to come on Tuesday! And then on Wednesday!  And then on Thursday!  And when I called Thursday at 6pm they said, we have til midnight to come so just wait, no problem! I had given up by Friday which is the holy day here, so imagine my surprise when I get a call, hello madam! Is you Ayanna? I am internet outside your apartment!  Yes, folks, he was literally in the hallway outside my apartment door! On a Friday no less!  I just said thank you for small miracles and let him in!

I love the mosaic on the wall!

Toilet & Bidet!

Bathtub looks amazing but is soooo tiny!

So now I have beds, a totally awesome white leather chaise lounge chair (cus I got it like that you know!), a really comfy blue chair with blood red accents, and I managed to purchase the entire kitchen from the previous occupant!  So I'm set!  No towels, no soap, no sheets, no pillows, no food, but I'm set!

My bedroom, complete with beautiful chaise!

The kids room.
Ciao for now!

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