Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's in a blog, anyway?!

Hello peeps... so, I don't know if this blog is going to be about my life in UAE, teaching in UAE, or my life in general.  I have a feeling it will be all of the above because I have a hard time with separation.  Anyway, still not in UAE and no clue when I will arrive, however, after days and days of nothingness, I received a call from my recruitment agency yesterday and I feel better.  I still didn't receive any new info; I'm still in security, it's never taken this long before, we'll keep you updated from now on. It's amazing to me how a little communication can ease some of the stress and make you feel good!  The lesson I've learned from this is that no matter who you are dealing with, your students, a store employee, or my lovely teenage daughter (no sarcasm implied at all there!), communication is the key.  Not providing people with information just puts added stress on all parties.  The one who has info and is not communicating feels stress and tries to avoid the other person, and the one on the receiving end of no communication is stressed and wondering what the heck is going on.  Even something simple like telling your students what the learning objectives are for the day, or telling the best buy clerk you really are upset that a sale just ended yesterday and you can't get that additional 10% off, or telling my kid, this is what I want to accomplish this week for you.  Communication makes someone feel like they are important in the process, whatever that process is.

Since I'm just hanging around the bay, I'm trying to keep my spirits up by doing things while I'm still here.  Albeit, free things because, right about now my bank account is existing on fumes.  My go to location of choice is always the beach.  Love it, everything about it.  The smell of the ocean, the breeze blowing across the water that could just possibly have come from the other side of the world.  Just staring out at the waves and looking at the surrounding hills is awesome.  It's amazing to me how a place could be so beautiful! Yes, I'm on of those freaks that finds beauty in nature, I am from California after all!  I don't even mind birds at the beach!  And I can't stand damn birds.  Yesterday it was really windy at the top of the hill, and I spent literally about 30 minutes just watching the birds wind surf.  They would dive down, then spread their wings and just let the wind take them.  I am very lucky I get the chance to see this beautiful place every day.  Every day I can get my butt off the sofa that is!

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