Saturday, March 8, 2014

Soooo.... I was planning on starting my blog once I was actually IN the UAE because that's sort of the whole purpose of the blog (even though I have a few entries, they don't really count!).  As that hasn't happened yet (arriving in UAE I mean) and, in order to break habit number 15 of the 22 habits of depressed people (google it!), I will start my blog NOW! Except, ummm, I haven't really done anything that would be, you know, blog worthy.  Unlike Heather, one of my FB friends without whom, this process would have driven my crazy by now.  She has made a quiet book for a friends kid (see pic below) and sewn a dress!  A dress!  

What have I made?  Poop! That's what I've made!  And Anika, another friend going through this same process, has wisely used her time to research, like everything under the sun!  I mean, really, ask her anything and she can give you the link to it!  What have I researched? Vines! Yup, sad but true.  I spend much of my days watching teenage boys act up on Vines videos!  This one is my favorite!

Therefore, I have decided to DO something.  The first being, write my blog when creativity strikes me and, second, to learn something.  So I am learning how to use my PhotoShop Elements 12 I received for Christmas (thanks mom! Even though I had to ask a million times and eventually take your credit card and buy it myself in January.  It's still a present from you!) Below is a photo Ajenai took at the beach of me last week.  I was standing on a rock and the tide was out, but I wanted a majestic picture of me surrounded by the foaming cascade of water.  So I waited on that rock for ages until a wave came in, and promptly soaked me almost up to the knees!  Well, it was nice to get what I want for a change!  Anyway, I slightly, very slightly as I don't know what I am doing yet, enhanced the pic with PSE 12.  Hopefully I'll just get better and better!

Ummm, not sure how to end my blog posts.  I want to seem hip and funky despite being none of those things; and at the same time show my worldliness, so, uhhh, ciao, I guess...

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