Sunday, March 23, 2014


My sister is here! And, while I can care less about my sister visiting, her beautiful baby is visiting too!!  I call him Baby POP because he was born in a face up position, which was called something, something, something, and the initials are p o p.  I'm so excited since I only got to know him for a week when he was born.  And he was not looking good that week! Everyone knows new borns are so not cute! eeeww. Anybody who tells you different is WRONG!  But now he's 3 months old and soooo cute!  I'm never gonna let him go!  Everyone is calling me a baby hog because I won't share him with anyone!  The only thing we need his mama for is milk, and to change poo-poo diapers!  I haven't changed a boys diaper in ages, and I totally don't need to see that gooey-duck looking thing!  If you don't know what a gooey duck is, here...
That's exactly what his little pee-pee looks like! Minus the shell of course! But he is totally adorable and I am so excited I get to see him again!

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