Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello ladies and gents!

So last weekend, we didn't get to see the murals in the mission, but we did go out to the Palace of Fine Arts and to the pier underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was great!  San Francisco is so beautiful, I love it!  We hung out at the pillars around the Palace with the tourists.  And for some reason, there were a ton of them with cameras and children in tow.  Then we spent a minute with the fishermen at the pier.  I think they just hang out down there to have a quiet place to drink beer where the cops won't harass them!  They were using raw chicken breasts and catching crabs! Amazing!  Amazing because who could have thought you could catch crab so close to shore?! And a seal showed up to try to steal their catch!  Then we watched some helicopters escort a plane over the Golden Gate bridge.  I was wondering if it was from a foreign country with some important diplomats on board or maybe the plane was carrying a criminal on board and they wanted to make sure he didn't escape in the best city in California, San Francisco!  We ended the day with a rainbow! It was fun, I love during touristy things.  To bad we can't get rid of the tourists though!

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