Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge - Monument

Tamarkan, Thailand; The Bridge On the River Kwai

I went to Thailand in December 2010 and went on a train tour that included the Bridge on the River Kwai.  I was so excited!  A piece of history!  But also a little scared because the train I was on went over this bridge that was built in 1942!  This particular bridge was rebuilt since then, but still.

I couldn't pick just one picture so here's two!

Here's a little history about the bridge!

Begun in October 1942, using prisoner of war (POW) labour, it was completed and operational by early February 1943.

 "Throughout history, engineers have done much bigger, much grander, much longer, on a one-time basis. What makes this an engineering feat is the totality of it,. . . the total number of people who were involved (one-quarter of a million), the very short time in which they managed to accomplish it, and the extreme conditions they accomplished it under. They had very little transportation to get stuff to and from the workers, they had almost no medication, they couldn't get food let alone materials, they had no tools to work with except for basic things like spades and hammers, and they worked in extremely difficult conditions -- in the jungle with its heat and humidity. All of that makes this railway an extraordinary accomplishment."

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