Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Addition to the Hampton Family!

So, we finally got the cat for the kid! The main reason I moved to this apartment rather than on Reem Island, is because we could have pets here. So after much delay, we finally manged to get a little kitty! Well, she's not a kitten but still, we love her already!

First we went to Cloud 9 out in Khalifa City A. If anyone had told me how far that place was I never would have went there, jeez! But I was not enamored of any of the cats there. Finally, last weekend we went to the Falcon Hospital. Which is really huge and we definitely have to go back for the tour! They had cats and dogs, and while I said we were getting a cat, the right little puppy could have made me change my mind.  And although all the puppies were so adorable and I really wanted to take home almost all of them, they were too big! I am not a fan of picking up poop or walking big dogs so they were all out. Although several families adopted dogs that day so I was happy.

But we went into the cattery 2 (a word I have never heard before even though I've spoken English my entire life!), and we found her! Our beautiful calico baby!

She is so soft and was so sweet! It took us awhile to name her, because I wanted an Arabic name and the kid wanted to name her Darby after some cartoon! But we have finally settled on a name! 

Meet Heliwa, which means sweet in Arabic.

Ciao for now!

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