Friday, September 26, 2014

Furniture Purchased..the UAE Way!

Hi all!

So, I was browsing FB this morning on the UAE swap n' shop page, and I saw a dining room table! Now, I'm all about a great deal so I messaged I would take it! First part of the UAE furniture process, down! Next, to get a ride! So, I took a trip downstairs and asked my doorman slash security guard (that's right! I gotta doorman slash security guard! Moving up in the world!!) if he knew of any boys with trucks.  And of course, he did. He gave me the numbers of 2 guys and I thought this would be more than enough.  Ummmm, I was almost proved wrong!

Having worked in South Korea, I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur on understanding badly spoken, broken English. Since moving to the UAE, I've found that, unfortunately, I am not quite the connoisseur I believed myself to be! I'm great at understanding "konglish" but whatever the mostly Pakistan and Indian population speak here, has absolutely, positively no relationship to the English that I know and love!

The first guy I called, I have absolutely no idea what the heck he said outside of, "hello". I just told him what I wanted and where I lived and he said, "ok, ok" and hung up.  7 phone calls later, it occurred to me that he might not either, a) understand me or b) know where the heck I lived!

On to guy number 2! Who happened to say the exact same thing as the first guy! "hello. ok, ok." And hung up. But I'm not only growing older but wiser as well! So, by the 5th phone call, I calmly went downstairs to my doorman slash security guard and said, "Mohammad, could you tell this guy where I live please?" Problem solved!

And that's how I ended up sitting in a truck that was born in 1990, with all the windows down, 95 degree weather pouring in, puttering down the Sheik Zayed highway, with a swarthy and questionable gentleman talking a mile a minute in what I'm sure he assumed was English but which I can guarantee you was not!

I texted my friend that if I didn't contact her in an hour, to adopt my kid cus I was probably being cut up into little pieces and fed to the local desert cats!

Fortunately, other than his insistence on speaking what he thought was English to me, The guy was actually quite nice! And this ....

.... is the end result!

Happy days!

Ciao for now!

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