Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brunch, dahl-ling!

Hello all!

So my friend Althea turned 30! Yay, for being born, Althea!

She decided to celebrate at the lovely Origins Restaurant on Yas Island.  It was sooooo beautiful! And the food was like the best food I have had everrrrr! Lol!  Even though there was a bunch of hoity-toity cuisine, there was also something for everyone's taste buds.

The restaurant is built next to a formula 1 race track and during racing season you can sit outside and watch the cars tear around the race track.

There are tables laden with food strategically placed throughout the room. Some are self serve and some have chefs there to serve you.

There were little "shooters" in the classes that went with the food! Yummy!

Raw seafood bar!  Not for me, but if you like that sort of thing!

So many different kinds of extra bits!  There was like 10 different kinds of olives alone! And the cheese! OMG the cheese! I did have a taste of every one!

The rest of the food was a global trip around the world! From the exotic to the regular, but anything but "regular" tasting!

This section reminded me of Hell's Kitchen! Beef wellington and other "british" type foods.



 And then, Oh My God, DESSERT!!! The only way I remember how to spell dessert is because I think of the 2 s's as me wanting more! And there was definitely more to have at Origins!

Yes, that is Italian ice cream with extra toppings!

These were like fruits in little puddings and panacotta's.  I didn't think I liked panacotta but they were soooo yummy! And yes, I tasted almost every one! Yikes, time to work out! 

Are those chocolate fountains you may be asking yourself?! Why yes, yes they are! Luscious flowing choco-lat-a! The only thing I would say that was wrong (yes, wrong!) with this was that there was no candy or cake to put on the chocolate! Instead, they had fruit! Yes, fruit! That's the number one way to tell this is not America! Cause you know there would have been a mountain of chocolate and donuts and cake to dip into those fountains in good ole USA!

And did I forget to mention the bread?! They had the bread table tucked away into a corner, but I found it! No sourdough bread, ahhhh, but every other type, including muffins and pastries!

This high class brunch even had a DJ to entertain us with some hit tunes! And yes, I did request something and he played it! (La la la by Naughty Boy)

So I've now learned that hotels all around Abu Dhabi have Friday brunches every week! I will definitely be attending more!

Ciao for now!

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