Friday, August 28, 2015

End of the Kenyan road

Sooooo, what I expected to come to pass, came to pass. Today, we went to the Real Wood school about 11:30 because I had to pay the lady for some fabric I bought. Then we stayed and taught in the school and then went to the field for sports. We didn’t leave their until 4:30. 

Every Friday, a bunch of schools go to this field to do sports!

Then we headed over to the other place. Justus said he had a photography class to teach. We sat there and had prayers with the kids first. Then sat some more. Then he finally taught the class, all about the parts of a camera. Took maybe, 30 minutes. 

I had the kids take photo’s with my camera cus how could you have a photography class and not take pictures?! Then we played jump rope and monkey in the middle. It was fun!

Justus' photography class

I let the kids use my camera and take some "ecletic" shots!

Then we watched some news about Obama’s arrival. Then I told Justus we were ready to leave when he was and he said we were waiting for the lady. So, we played more games. Then he grabbed his stuff and snuck out the door! About 6:30 I called and asked where he was and said I was ready to go. He said he was coming back, just wait. At 6:57 I called him again and said I didn’t know the way home, where was he. Again, he said he was coming. 7:15 I finally heard him talking and came outside and said bye to everyone.

Making the fire for dinner

On the walk home I said, so, we’re leaving tomorrow, what time can you give me my money? So he started. Basically he said something about the landlord, he had to have a proper place for us. And kept repeating that. I called him a liar and said I wanted my money. Eventually, I made him shut it and listen to me. 

I told him to put himself in my place: traveling 6,000 kilometers with my child, to a place I’ve never been and don’t know anyone trusting only his word. This place has diseases and is dangerous for us and I am placing my life and my child’s life in his hands. He of course said why did I come if it is so dangerous and basically accepted no responsibility for anything. He said I’ve been complaining since I got here and then he said that he wished I had never come!

Then I just threatened him. I know, that’s low of me and I should be above that but I really want/need my money! I said if I don’t have my money I will complain about him on workaway and try to get him taken off the site (which I am really going to do after our blow our in the streets!); and I would take all the furniture out of this apartment and sell it or trash it; and that I would go to his parents house and tell them everything he’s done. 

The only thing I will really do is report him on workaway as soon as I have internet. I knew I should not have given him all the money up front. I knew it even as we sat there on that hard ass ratty sofa and I passed over $300usd!

Now, I’d say live and learn but that’s just it with me. I never seem to learn from my mistakes! And I know that is no one’s fault but my own, but I always see the mistakes in hindsight and never while they are happening.

Anyway, we had a good last day. I taught grade 8 how to write an essay about why tourists should come to Kenya. They didn’t understand me cus they call it composition. Some of the essays were quite good and some needed help but they all worked so diligently. Then I taught grade 5 the “we are stars” lesson. They had to write 5 things they are good at and draw a star. I got the markers I brought with me for them to use and they all were so surprised and asked where I got them from. And some students from other classes came in to ask me to give their class markers!

I saw a little six year old outside of her classroom and she smiled at me and then kept fiddling with something in her hands. I looked closer and she had a razor blade and was sharpening her tiny stub of pencil with it! I just cringed but didn’t say anything. She was obviously used to using that razor and was very effective with it.

I just think of all the supplies I could have brought for them! They share chalk class to class and usually have 1 tiny little eraser between them. They have notebooks with very few blank pages in them and a handful of pens. But I have to remind myself, I am having feelings of entitlement. They don’t have a lot and need a lot but it is also something they are used to. They are not begging or unduly unhappy with their lives. It is me, looking in that is feeling so bad. And I can’t do everything for them. I have responsibilities of my own to take care of. Everyone’s situation looks better or worse than yours but you can’t know until you know that person. Would I like to give them a ton of supplies? Yes. But do I have money to use that way? Not really. I would really like to give Ms. Emily some money for the kids, but I don’t think Justus would give it to her if I gave it to him. I will have to call her and figure something else out.

The best thing about this trip has been the kids. They have been a ray of joy from beginning to end! I'm so grateful for them!

Ciao for now!


  1. OMG that's CRAZY. I hate to hear stories like that. Makes you not want to do for others. I REALLY hope you learn this time around. Going to a different country is an experience and that is great, but you did literally go on their word. It's sad. lol @ going to his parents house. lol

  2. Wow what a story! The ups and downs of the whole thing. I'm glad that you are able to find a silver lining :)

  3. The kids are super cute! They are just little rays of sunshine!

  4. Interesting story and looks like your daughter and the other kids are enjoying herself.

  5. Wow! This trip of yours has been something else. I am glad you are going to report this Justic character. I would be so frustrated and unhappy with how things went, as I'm sure you are. I am glad you have enjoyed the children. I am sure you have made a lasting impression on them.

  6. I love to see the joy on the kids' faces. It just shows that you don't need much to love your life.

  7. This has truly been an adventure hasn't it. WOW! The parts of Kenya you did see I hope you enjoyed.

  8. Beautiful photos! I can tell from the images that this was a great experience for the kids.

  9. Hopefully you will find a way to get ms. Emily some money. Beautiful pics of the kids as well

  10. The kids pictures are too cute! They may not have a lot but they are happy.

  11. What a great adventure you had with the kids! Love seeing their smiling faces

  12. I am glad the kids were able to give you some joy. They truly look joyful!

  13. As usual great captures. I would love to go on a safari. Looks amazing!

  14. Sounds like a great adventure! Great photos, love the animals, and the kids are adorable!

  15. You definitely had a memorable experience. The children are precious and the animals are breathtaking. I so want to go on a safari one day.